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'Follow the $cience'

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Pre-order a signed or unsigned copy of Sharyl Attkisson's upcoming real-life thriller: "Follow the $cience: How Big Pharma Misleads, Obscures, and Prevails." To be released approx. Sept. 4, 2024. Please allow time after the book's release for it to be signed and personalized (if you choose that option), prior to mailing.

*Please note: personalized books will be signed to the first name(s) entered in the "Ship to" field at checkout. For more than one book to different people, please make separate orders.

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Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Stonewalled, The Smear, and Slanted, exposes the corruption that has ruled the pharmaceutical industry and news media for decades.

Through blatant lies, deep cover-ups, and high-level collusion with government and media, Big Pharma has continuously put profits over people with dangerous results. Now, with her signature investigative rigor and uncompromising commitment to the facts, Sharyl Attkisson takes readers on an eye-opening journey through the dark underbelly of the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the $cience recounts, in exacting detail, how far the pharmaceutical industry and its supporters in medicine, media, and government will go to protect their profits. Attkisson provides shocking examples that reveal the disturbing callousness our government, public health officials, and top researchers are capable of when it comes to the most vulnerable among us. And she explains, in a graphic sense, how some of the most trusted within our society are willing to commit life-threatening ethics violations. When caught, they circle the wagons and marshal forces to defend their bad acts, and take steps to cruelly silence the injured and smear those who would expose them.

Big Pharma’s critics are often silenced or labeled “science deniers.” Even major media stories have been suppressed to placate pharmaceutical advertisers. The rift has only grown since the major pharmaceutical companies and their allies attacked anyone who dared to question the Covid-19 vaccines, and expensive, new treatments that provided disappointing results, despite skyrocketing costs.
Follow the $cience will challenge your assumptions, open your eyes, and inspire you to take action. With its powerful message of truth and justice, this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our healthcare system and their own family’s health.